Finneas Originally Wrote His Hit 'Shelter' for this EDM Superstar

Anybody who’s more than a casual fan of Billie Eilish knows her brother Finneas is a key cog in her music creation.

He produces all her songs and has written or cowritten many of them with her.

While he’s obviously got his fingerprints all over her material they are still hers, but he’s just released his own EP for the first time.

It’s called Blood Harmony and it sounds and feels entirely different than his sister. Take a listen to the lead single "Shelter" below:

While the EP is obviously new, this song is not.

In fact, it was written in 2016 not long after Billie’s career started to take off with another superstar in mind, the late great Avicii.

Finneas tells Billboard, "I’d been told Avicii was looking for songs to produce out so I wrote this one for him and sent it straight to his team. To this day, I have no idea if he ever heard it. His music and his inspiration will last forever."

Finneas’ hot new EP Blood Harmony is streaming now.

Photo: Getty Images