Is BTS Breaking Up?

The Hollywood Reporter shadowed K-pop megastars and the world’s biggest boy band BTS for a very revealing article that looks into their lives, their history and their future.

And just like all boy bands rumors of their inevitable breakup have begun swirling, especially with the South Korean government deciding BTS’s members will be required to serve two years in the military, which every male Korean is required to do.

But their management has insisted BTS will continue up until their service and after they return as well. Jimin says keeping the BTS train going will be easy.

He tells The Hollywood Reporter, "It’s not like we have to compel each other to keep this going. It's nothing like that. We just have so much fun together singing and dancing that we want it to continue."

For the record, even though South Korea is requiring them to serve in the military, the government has quite a bit of incentive to keep BTS going. It was revealed in the article that the boyband is responsible for a staggering $4.65 billion of South Korea’s Gross Domestic Product.

Photo: Getty Imag