Tinashe Explains Why She's Been Out of the Public Eye for a While

Tinashe has been kind of quiet for a little while, but she just resurfaced with a video on Instagram explaining why she’s been under the radar and it has to do in part with the pressures of being an artist.

In February, she parted ways with her label largely over creative differences and in the video she talks about about how hard it was to be put in a box.

She also expresses how putting her heart and soul into her music, only to have it dissected and torn down by the public is terrifying.

But after going through a lot of growth over this past year she remembered why she makes music.

She also says she’s currently feeling more creative than ever and has been in the studio a ton, so hopefully we’ll get to hear what Tinashe's been up to very soon.

Watch her full video below:

Photo: Getty Images