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Alicia Keys Reveals the Secret to Staying Innovative as an Artist

Alicia Keys received the well-deserved Innovator Award at the iHeartRadio Music Awards earlier this year for always pushing the boundaries of R&B while still making incredibly timeless music.

While this is something she’s done throughout her career, Alicia currently feels more innovative than ever because she has learned to listen to one creative opinion more than any other, her own.

"You have all these people that are just kind of telling you what they think is right for you," she explains. "It wasn't until I started to really understand that I could hear what was right for myself. It's really kicking into a place that's just never's a new place for me."

You can catch Alicia’s powerful performance from the iHeartRadio Music Festival when the 2-night TV special hits The CW this Wednesday and Thursday night at 8/7c.

Photo: Getty Images