Jameela Jamil Is Becoming A Major Hollywood Girl Crush Of Mine

Jameela Jamil, you may know her from The Good Place, but to me her most important work is as a body positivity activist. She actually created this Instagram account I follow called, "I Weigh." It was sparked because she was sick of women finding their worth being measured by how much they weigh.

You may have heard about the new Instagram policy where users under the age of 18 will no longer be able to view ads for weight-loss products or cosmetics procedures, if they have price tags attached to them. Jameela was VERY instrumental in this new Instagram policy.

Instagram will also ban any content that markets a, "miraculous claim" about a diet or weight-loss product. So, those influencers that say, "I lost 15 pounds by drinking this tea" - that will be NO more.

What's your thoughts on this change? I know some people think that we choose to follow who we want and we should be able to see whatever we want. I think that Instagram was kind of like the "Wild Wild West," so to speak, and now they are trying to create a safer space. Personally, I'm WAY into it.

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