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Elizabeth Banks Gets Frank About How to Get More Female Directors Hired

Over sixteen years after the last film, Charlie’s Angels are returning to the silver screen later this fall.

But this installment features powerful women, both on and off camera, as Elizabeth Banks is directing and writing the movie. The first woman to do so in the franchise’s history.

It’s an unfortunate fact that Hollywood still lacks an equal balance of female directors and Elizabeth tells The Hollywood Reporter:

"We have to have leadership who trust women to do the job. People ask me how I 'got' Charlie's Angels; I didn't 'get' Charlie's Angels. No filmmakers were trying to do anything with it, probably because most filmmakers are men. I wanted to make a movie about women working together, and if I can do it with the property that Hollywood already knows and loves, that's going to be a faster green light than me coming up with some random story about girls working together. It totally aligned with what I wanted to do as a filmmaker."

Charlie’s Angels hits theaters on November 15th.

Photo: Getty Ima