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Halsey On What Fans Can Expect From Her Upcoming Album 'Manic'

Before taking the stage tonight at the iHeartRadio Music Festival, Halsey called into On Air with Ryan Seacrest on Friday, September 20, to talk about the new vibe of her upcoming album Manic, tonight's performance and more.

Fans cannot wait to see Halsey slay her latest single "Graveyard" at the #iHeartFestival2019! "This is my first time playing it on a stage in front of an audience. So I'm kind of nervous," she admits.

So if this single is a preview of what's to come...what can fans expect from the new album?

Halsey sat down to write her new album Manic around the time she released her "Nightmare."

"I think I really, really thought I was going to make an album that was really mean and angry, and like savage and bitter. I thought I was going to go in and air some dirty laundry and vent all this anger that I had," she explains. "Then I sat down in the studio to write and it was kind of like really happy and effortless."

"I've made peace kind of with some of the parts of me that I used to fight with in the past," Halsey continues. "I think it really comes through on this album."

So how does Halsey feel about this new found peace and happiness?

"I actually really like it. I think it feels really nice," she says. "Because I think sometimes we expect artists to need to be tortured and need to be sad to make good stuff. To be in a good place and to be able to make art that I'm proud of is kind of best case scenario."

Fans will have to wait until January 2020 for Halsey's new album, but you can catch her TONIGHT at the iHeartRadio Music Festival, watch on the The CW App and starting at 7pm.

Listen to the full interview above for more from Halsey!

Photo: Instagram/iamhalsey