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Taylor Swift Reveals Moment Perspective on Her Job Changed for the Better

Taylor Swift sat down for an incredibly candid interview with Rolling Stone, touching on several highs and lows of her career and life.

Including how she’s managed to rise above the madness of the constant news cycle and pressure of being one of if not the biggest post star in the world.

The revelation actually came to her during her Reputation Tour, which she calls the most transformative experience of her career. She explains:

"I feel more clear about the fact that my job is to be an entertainer. It’s not like this massive thing that sometimes my brain makes it into, and sometimes the media makes it into, where we’re all on this battlefield and everyone’s gonna die except one person, who wins. It’s like, 'No, do you know what? Katy is going to be legendary. Gaga is going to be legendary. Beyoncé is going to be legendary. Rihanna is going to be legendary. Because the work that they made completely overshadows the myopia of this 24-hour news cycle of clickbait.' And somehow I realized that on tour, as I was looking at people’s faces. We’re just entertaining people, and it’s supposed to be fun."

Taylor’s new album Lover is out now.

Photo: Getty Images