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How Lizzo Found Her Voice

As the year’s end approaches with just a little over a quarter of 2019 left to go, people are starting to predict who will dominate The Grammys.

The one name on everybody’s tongue is Lizzo!

She is a front runner for Best New Artist and while this certainly was the year she reached mainstream success, she has been grinding for several years now developing her following and her image.

Though she tells Billboard it’s not a character she just dreamed up.

She says, “I think my story has been more about refining who I am versus creating it."

And when she realized how naturally and effectively she could sing about her own journey of self-love, it all clicked.

She adds, “It just vibrated better in the music. When I wrote songs like ‘My Skin’ or ‘En Love,’ it was like I found it. I started to discover who I am."

Photo: Getty Images