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Ryan Asks Rams QB Jared Goff if He Wants to Keep Patrick As His Roommate

If you've been following Ryan's interactions with our iHeartRadio colleague Patrick (A.K.A. Jared Goff's roommate), you know that ever since the Los Angeles Rams quarterback signed that massive deal Ryan has been worried that the QB will no longer want Patrick as his roomie. Jared called into On Air with Ryan Seacrest on Wednesday, September 18, and put Ryan's mind at ease.

"He's the best. He's the best roommate I could ever have. He's great." Jared says, assuring Ryan, "We're both young...I'd be bored by myself. I need someone to hang out with."

So what happens when the day comes where one of them gets in a serious relationship and wants to move out?

"Were going to have to wait and see. Patrick might be stuck with me forever," he jokes

The Rams are having a killer season coming out of the gate with two wins. Behind every good team, there's an even better coach and Rams coach Sean McVay is no exception.

"He's incredible," Jared gushes about the head coach. "He's obviously changed the way that we do things with the Rams and he's done such a great job and I'm thankful for him everyday."

So what is the team's focus for this weekend's game?

"We're going to Cleveland, Sunday Night Football, it will be national TV," he says. "They just came off the big win on Monday night and we're going out there to try get a win in front of the Dawg Pound, it'll be fun."

Last year Jared partnered with California Strong to help raise money for some of the people who lost their homes in the fires and this year he wanted to do something special again.

This season for every touchdown thrown QB is donating $1,000 to the charity.

"Through the Rams I was able to partner with Genesis and they're going to match my donation," he explains. "It'll be great and hopefully I can get a lot of touchdowns and raise some money."

Watch the LA Rams take on the Cleveland Browns this Sunday night!