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Two Reboots Straight from Your Childhood Are Officially Happening

It seems like every old movie, TV show, cartoon and even toy is getting the reboot these days and one of the most iconic kid characters from the 80s is next up to bat.

Punky Brewster, the shoe precocious and spunky foster kid played by Soleil Moon Frye is being developed for NBC Universal’s upcoming streaming service, Peacock, with Soleil back in the title role.

In the reboot, Punky is now a mother of three and meets a young girl who reminds her of her younger self.

But that’s not even the biggest reboot coming to the streamer!

Saved By the Bell is also getting jumpstarted for Peacock with Zack Morris returning, though he’s no longer just running Bayside High.

He’s now California Governor Zack Morris and reportedly Mark-Paul Gosselaar will be back, along with Mario Lopez and Elizabeth Berkley.