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Why We Can Expect a Change in Adele’s Music

Any Adele fan knows when she suffers through a breakup she typically gifts the world with incredibly soulful ballads about heartbreak.

And with her impending divorce amid reports that she’s planning to release new music in the coming months or possibly even days it would seem safe to assume another trademark powerful ballad is on the way, but that might be wrong.

An insider tells the UK’s The Sun, "The song is upbeat and is all about Adele’s relationship with her ex-husband Simon. But it’s optimistic, reflective of the good times and about learning to move on from them and make new memories by yourself."

The songs will still be incredibly personal and deep, coming from a painful, but healthy breakup where there is still mutual love and respect.

The insider also predicts Adele’s first single will arrive in November.

Photo: Getty Images