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Rihanna Is Dying to Collaborate with This Artist

Rihanna revealed the one artist she’s dying to collaborate with on her Fenti X Savage lingerie line and by the sound of it in the recording studio as well.

None other than Lizzo, who’s already said Rihanna is her hero.

She tells Entertainment Weekly, "She’s just so bad ass." Adding jokingly, “I would collaborate with her on the lights for this interview right now.

And Rihanna thinks Lizzo is the perfect ambassador for the Fenti x Savage lingerie line, saying:

"A confident woman, no matter what size, color, shape is what I want. Your attitude is what makes you savage. It’s the confidence that you have in yourself that you can give off to people who look like you and feel like you."

Hopefully these two also get in the studio ASAP!

Photo: Getty Images