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Post Malone Finally Explains Where His Unique Sound Comes From

Post Malone’s new album Hollywood’s Bleeding, which debuted at #1 to nobody’s surprise has been both criticized and celebrated for being influenced by a massive array of musical genres...Hip hop, country, metal, grunge and all points between.

Post has been fairly quiet about his childhood and background for the most part, but in a new sit down on YouTube with one of his best friends Kerwin Frost, he revealed quite a bit about his upbringing including just how much all those genres shaped his formative years.

"When I first started making beats I was 13. I was listening to hip hop, indie, old country, metal. A lot of people say I listen to everything, but you’ll put on a country record and they’ll hate it. My mom listened to country and my dad listen to rap and metal, so it all just blended together."

And it obviously blends pretty well, as Post had the second best debut of the year behind only Taylor Swift.

Hollywood’s Bleeding is out now.

Photo: Getty Images