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How to Update Your Decor with a Simple Paint Project

In the latest episode of Off-Air With Sisanie, Sis takes a trip to The Home Depot to search for the perfect color to paint her outdoor fireplace.

If you’ve been following Sisanie’s backyard renovation journey, you’ll know that a few months ago Sis had her entire back patio redone, but the one thing that still needed a facelift was the old brick fireplace.

She wanted it to match with the rest of the new landscaping in the yard. So after browsing the bevy of color options in the paint department at The Home Depot, Sis chose to get three samples of different earth tones.

After finding the perfect color, painting the fireplace was so simple that Sis also decide to paint the brick stairs too!

So if you have a paint project that you are thinking about doing, go check out the paint department at The Home Depot.

Watch back the full video above for more!