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Do We Finally Know the First Collaboration on Lady Gaga's Next Album?

The anticipation for Lady Gaga’s sixth studio album may be greater than any of her previous releases, due to insiders who’ve heard pieces of it just gushing over how good the songs are.

Though any details remain scarce at this point, but we may have our first idea of one collaboration.

Underground hero Grimes posted a picture on her Instagram Stories of a CD case for Gaga’s next album including its back cover with a full tracklist.

The 7th track called “Real Boy" and it features Grimes.

Now before you get too excited, some eagle eyed fans noticed this CD jacket is fan art that some Little Monster made last month.

But that hasn’t stopped the fan theories from bubbling up. Some say it’s just Grimes appreciating the art, but others think it may actually be authentic and was intentionally leaked under the guise of fan art to throw people off.

Take a look below and decide for yourself!

Photo: Getty Images