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Chance the Rapper Teases iHeartRadio Music Festival Setlist

It has been a big year for Chance the Rapper...he got married, welcomed another daughter, and released his album The Big Day! He stopped by On Air with Ryan Seacrest on Thursday, September 12, to talk about being a dad, working with Shawn Mendes, his upcoming performance at the iHeartRadio Music Festival and more!

Chance and his wife just welcomed their second baby girl Marli less than two weeks ago, and he announced that he would be postponing his tour to spend time with his growing family. They already have daughter Kensli, who will turn 4 on Sunday.

"I just figured out that it's way different having two kids than one...way, way harder," he admits.

And Chance isn't getting much sleep with a new baby in the house.

"She sleeps all day and I guess she's a party animal because she likes to keep those late hours," he joked.

Fans will have to wait until next year to see Chance on tour, but you will be able to catch him performing at the iHeartRadio Music Festival on September 20th and 21st in Las Vegas.

"The shows that I had planned for this year the production and the set list vibe was very much so based on The Big Day...but because I've pushed back the tour...we've started to restructure the show to reflect some of the stuff that got rereleased this year," the rapper explains. "I'm trying to incorporate some of the older songs. So I feel like this first set going out is just to prep myself for that. I'm going to try and reach back a little bit, play some of the old hits."

"I feel like this being my first show in a long time, and probably one of the last shows for a long time, it's gotta be all in," he continues. "I am still doing songs from The Big Day. I'm gonna do 'We Go High,' I'm gonna do 'Ballin Flossin.'"

Chance the Rapper's new album The Big Day is loaded with collabs, but one of the standouts is his team up with Shawn Mendes on "Ballin Flossin."

"I really met him as friend before I listened to his music," he says. "Then when I found out he was thee Shawn Mendes and I was was like we definitely got to work together."

While Chance was working on his album, Shawn just randomly happened to be in Chicago, so he told him to come to the studio.

"We made some stuff from scratch and went through some different songs and 'Ballin' Flossin' had this Brandy sample in it...and he was like this is the one," Chance recalls of how the collab came to be.

Listen to the full interview below for more from Chance the Rapper!