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Here's Everything You Need to Know About Niall Horan's Upcoming Album

Niall Horan is set to make a big return with a collection of new songs telling UK newspaper, The Sun:

“There’s only so much golf you can play. I find myself watching these award shows thinking, ‘Why am I not up there?’ I feel like it’s a good time so I’m excited to get back.”

Niall hammered out about 60 compositions before narrowing it down to about 17 songs that will make the album and it appears that at least one is a ballad about his ex, Hailee Steinfeld.

It’s called “Put a Little Love on Me” and Niall says: "This could potentially be my favorite song I’ve ever written...I’d just gone through a breakup. It was very easy to sit down at the piano and speak."

First he will unveil a more upbeat single called “Nice to Meet Ya," that’s expected to drop within the next month.

Photo: Getty Images