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Ryan Asks Jared Goff's Roomie Patrick if They Share Expenses

Ryan Seacrest caught up with our iHeartRadio colleague Patrick on Wednesday, September 4, to get the latest intel on his roomie, Los Angeles Rams Quarterback Jared Goff.

The QB just signed a $134 million, four-year contract extension with the Rams. The biggest guarantee in NFL history.

So when did Jared tell Patrick about the deal?

"He texted me and a couple friends," Patrick told Ryan. "He was like 'Oh, there's going to be some good news coming,' but he didn't give us any details. He kind of wanted us to hear just like everyone else heard."

News about the deal broke yesterday afternoon. "When I got home he was just really excited. I gave him a high-five and a hug. And said, 'congrats.' I could just tell how excited he was," Patrick says. "He was as excited as I've ever seen him."

"So did it cross your mind...does he still want you as a roommate?" Ryan asked.

Patrick admits that hasn't crossed his mind yet, "2024 is a long time away, by then we will probably be around 30, so that's probably a good time to go."

But the buddies do split expenses. "I share the cleaning lady cost," Patrick revealed. "We split dinners and stuff...or we do like credit card roulette or something fun like that."

This weekend the LA Rams take on the Carolina Panthers in the season opener!

"They are going to come out ready to go. It's a lot of hype coming around this offseason," Patrick says. "They signed a couple of new players, but I think they're going to be better than they were last year. So hopefully a Super Bowl win."

Listen back to the audio below!