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Adam Lambert Dishes on New Track ’Superpower,’ His Relationship & Much More

It’s been four years since Adam Lambert dropped his last studio album and his fans are in for a treat. The Queen vocalist and American Idol alum stopped by On Air With Ryan Seacrest on Wednesday, September 4, on the heels of the release of new track “Superpower” off forthcoming EP Velvet: Side A. The singer also dished on his relationship with model Javi Costa Polo and why now was the perfect time to finally release new music.

Lambert, who started working on the EP, due out September 27, “a handful of years ago,” explained that he switched things up, which caused a delay in release.

“I made a bunch of business changes,” Lambert explained to Seacrest, reflecting on the decade it's been since American Idol. “So that kind of slowed the process down … but I’m so excited it’s coming out now; its time,” he added, revealing that the EP will reflect Superpower’s sound with “that slow disco … funk kind of groove.”

“All the tracks except for one are groove-based,” Lambert continued. “… A lot of 70s music has inspired this project … I think this music is a little different than [Queen], but [touring with them] definitely kind of told me what makes a good song [and] what makes a good classic.”

The release of “Superpower” couldn’t have come at a better time, Lambert added.

“I actually don’t get that overwhelmed now,” he continued while looking back at the past. “I’m really excited. I feel like with this project and where I’m at in my life now I’m actually in a really cool spot. I’m happy, you know? I have my dog; I have my boyfriend; I have a house; I’m working; I’m doing what I love. I’m in a good zone right now … I’m so happy and you know its like I’ve traveled a lot and I’ve met a lot of amazing people, but just to have something kind of domestic, it just feels so nice,” he added of beau Polo. “[It’s] really grounding … I feel like I’m in a different headspace and I’m really excited to be doing this again.”

Listen back to hear more from Adam and stream “Superpower” out now!