What's Next for Ed Sheeran?

Now that Ed Sheeran has wrapped up his 2-year-long Divide World Tour, which goes down in the books as the most successful road run in history.

Now, the question is what’s next? Chances are nothing for the foreseeable future.

At the tour’s final show, in his hometown of Ipswich in the UK, he told the crowd "This is my last gig for probably 18 months. It's been a wild one."

And knowing Ed, he will take some well-deserved time to essentially drop his celebrity persona for while and explore the world with his wife Cherry in as low key and invisible a way as possible.

What nobody knows, maybe not even Ed, is if he will begin work on another album during that 18 month span or just decompress.

Regardless, when you play 260 shows for 8.5 million people and rake in 720 million, you’ve earned a nice long break.

Photo: Getty Images