The Reason Lizzo Almost Quit Music After Releasing 'Truth Hurts'

When Lizzo recorded her biggest hit to date "Truth Hurts" all the way back in 2017 she knew it was a banger, but she was actually totally devastated and ready to quit music the day it was released.

"It was probably the darkest day I’ve had ever in my career. I remember thinking If I quit now, nobody would notice. This is my best song ever, and nobody cares," she tells People magazine. "And a lot of people rallied; my producer, my publicist and my family, they were like: ‘Just keep going because this is the darkest before the dawn.''”

Eventually the song got featured in the Gina Rodriguez movie Someone Great and slowly started to catch fire and Lizzo is embracing the irony.

"Now the song that made me want to quit is the song that everyone’s falling in love with me for, which is such a testament to journeys," she says. "Your darkest day turns into your brightest triumph."

Her album Cuz I Love You is out now.

Photo: Getty Images