Emerging Popstar & Songwriting Master Delacey on the Moment of Inspiration

Singer and songwriter Delacey has been behind the scenes for a few years now penning hits like Halsey’s "Without Me” and Zara Larsson’s “Ruin My Life," but she’s stepping into the spotlight herself thanks to her debut hit single “My Man.”

And the California native recently released its follow up called “The Subway Song," a song that she actually wrote after a songwritingsession in New York that proves inspiration can strike at any time and you have to seize the moment.

"A song can come any time and place for me," she explains. "Even when I’m crying on a subway on the way home from the studio and have to write it on my phone."

You can check out "My Man" and "The Subway Song" below:

Photo: Instagram/Delacey