This is the One Thing Becky G Hasn’t Done in Her Career and is Dying to Do

Rapper, singer, actor and all around entertainer Becky G, has been making music professionally for 8 years now, since she was a kid.

So it’s hard to believe she has never released an album in all that time and Becky feels like its way past due. She tells PopCrush:

"I feel very strong about this. Yes, we need album! We can agree that the way people consume music is very different now and you can release singles. But you know what, I’ve been signed since I was 14 and haven’t released one album yet. Collectively with all the songs that I’ve ever released, I could’ve released already three of them. I think this year will be the year that we change that."

Adding: "I feel more confident than ever and it will hopefully result in meaningful, beautiful and exciting projects.”

In the meantime Becky promises tons of singles and treats until it arrives.

Photo: Getty Images