Quinn XCII Explains His Stage Name and How to Pronounce It

Quinn XCII is an artist you’re going to start hearing more and more of due to his guest spot on MAX’s "Love Me Less" and his own unique brand of pop.

A lot of fans aren’t so sure how to pronounce his name, since 92 is written out in Roman numerals and it turns out his actual name isn’t even Quinn, it's actually an acronym.

"A ton of people get my name wrong, which is totally fine because I don’t make it easy on people," he tells Fuse.

Quinn he got from a professor who used it in college. "It stands for quit unless your instincts are never neglected...just pursue anything you love or you have nothing telling you inside to stop it," he explains. "At the time I was going by Mike T. My real name is Mike and my last name starts with a T, so I figured I needed to switch it up a bit. I chose Quinn for a little bit, then we ran into some trademark issues so I had to attatch the XCII on top, the Roman numeral for 92, which is the year I was born."

MAX’s “Love Me Less” featuring Quinn XCII is out now.

Photo: Getty Images