How SHAED’s Journey to Success Started Several Years Ago

The trio SHAED has been on a slow steady rise fueled by the success of their hit single "Trampoline," which actually came out more than a year ago, but their journey to success actually goes back quite a bit farther than that.

All the way back to twin brothers and multi-instrumentalists Max and Spencer Ernst’s early childhood when their mostly stay-at-home mom shared her love of classic rock with them.

"She had a hard life and music was an escape for her," Max tells Billboard. "She kind of set the wheels in motion when we were still in elementary school, helping us start a band and teaching us how to write songs."

They never stopped being in bands from that point on and knew exactly what they wanted to do with their lives, but it wasn’t until they met lead singer Chelsea Lee in high school that things really started clicking.

And even though it’s been a lifelong passion, Max says the last six months have been the best yet.

Their single “Trampoline” is out now.

Photo: Getty Ima