This is the One Thing Denzel Curry Looks for in a Producer or Collaborator

Denzel Curry has been one of the most critically acclaimed rappers for years now and he’s gained a whole new wave of fans opening up for Billie Eilish this summer on her When We Fall Asleep Tour.

Billie herself calls Denzel her favorite rapper and he names her as one of the most inspiring people he’s ever worked with.

And one it comes to collaborating with any artist or producer in the studio Denzel doesn’t care about their fame or the beats or songs they bring with them.

It’s the chemistry they have together in the moment and their work ethic.

"I just don't want it to be like here's a beat and I'm just going to rap on it. Nah, I want to be able to create with you and create more and more and more and more," he says. "And if I don't like it, we're just going to keep creating and that's what I look for in any producer or any artist."

Denzel’s hot new summer banger “Ricky” off his album Zuu is out now, check it out below.

Photo: Getty Images