How One of the Worst Days of Her Life Helped Delacey’s Career Take Off

Delacey is blowing up thanks to her rising single “My Man" and having written hits for likes of The Chainsmokers and Halsey, but she spent quite a while as an ‘on the verge’ artist before making it.

That time was particularly challenging because even though she was finding some success as a songwriter it wasn’t sustaining her financially, until she wrote Zara Larsson’s hit "Ruin My Life," which ironically came out of one of lowest moments at the end of a toxic relationship.

"I was talking to my sister and said, 'isn’t it crazy how someone can just totally ruin your life?’ 'Ruin my life' is a thing I say all the time because I'm a drama queen, so I wrote it in my notes," she tells Billboard. It wasn't until later when she read that title to a producer friend and he was like, "Oh my god, that's dope."

Before that song even came out word spread and she had another artist track one of her songs one called “Without Me” by Halsey.

Both those songs came out within two weeks and a star was born.

Delacey’s own song ‘My Man’ is out now.

Photo: Instagram/Delacey