The Genius Decision Billie Eilish's Parents Just Made

Billie Eilish’s fans know that she and her older brother Finneas are pretty much responsible for all her music.

Unlike most teen popstars, all of her thirteen tracks were recorded in his childhood bedroom, even after she scored a major record deal. They co-wrote eleven songs, Finneas wrote two and produced them all there.

Now that Finneas is 22 and pretty rich, he just bought his own house, only four miles away from their parent’s home.

Billie being only 17, still lives at her parent's house. So for now, Finneas’ bedroom remains untouched with its makeshift studio still intact. He explains to Rolling Stone:

"If my parents were like, 'We need the room, take out all your stuff,' I'd be like, 'That makes sense. I have a house now!' But their argument is: 'If Billie still lives at home and still wants to make music with you we want you to be able to do that here.'"

Photo: Getty Images