The Chainsmokers Top the Highest Paid DJs in the World List

Calvin Harris has been on top of the DJ world, financially speaking, since 2012 as the world’s highest paid mix master, but he’s finally lost his seat.

Two acts have jumped past Mr. Harris on Forbes’ annual list, The Chainsmokers and Marshmello.

The Chainsmokers take the top spot for the first time, clocking a comfortable $46 million, though it’s worth noting they are a duo so they’re splitting the pie.

If you take that into account that would make Marshmello, who’s #2 on the list, the highest paid individual earning $40 million.

Calvin probably won’t have to worry about going hungry after falling to #3, as his annual take is still a healthy $38.5 million.

See who else made the list below:

1. The Chainsmokers ($46 million)

2. Marshmello ($40 million)

3. Calvin Harris ($38.5 million)

4. Steve Aoki ($30 million

5. Diplo ($25 million)

6. Tiësto ($24 million)

7. Martin Garrix ($19 million)

8. David Guetta ($18 million)

9. Zedd ($17 million)

10. Armin van Buuren ($15 million)

11. Kaskade ($14 million)

12. Skrillex ($13 million)

13. Alesso ($12.5 million)

14. Afrojack ($12 million)

15. DJ Snake ($11.5 million)

Photo: Getty Images