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How Iggy Azalea Is Returning to Her Roots

Though Iggy Azalea has stayed busy in the five years since her mega-album The New Classic, she hasn’t released a full length until now.

Her new entry In My Defense and its vibe actually draws inspiration from the grittier music she made earlier in her career before she hit the charts with her pop-infused hip hop.

"I do mix those [pop] elements, but I don't consider myself a pop star -- I consider myself a rapper; that's how I came in. With In My Defense, I wanted to hit back sonically and say, 'Well, in my defense: I am a rapper, this is my rap project,' and 'In my defense: these are my roots, this is my sound, and it's not what [mainstream] thinks.' It's not supposed to be so literal," she tells Billboard. "In My Defense is a little more polished, but this sounds like the same girl from those tapes. That's what I wanted, and I'm really happy with it."

In My Defense and her brand new music video featuring Kash Doll are both out now, check them out below:

Photo: Getty Images