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Isabella Moner On Why 'Dora' Is More Genuine Than Most Female Film Heroes

Dora and the Lost City of Gold, which hits theaters next Friday just had its premiere and the star studded cast all walked the red carpet gushing over the opportunity to work on such a meaningful film with a strong Latin cast and powerful message including its lead actress, Isabela Moner.

She stars as Dora, which is a live action version of the inspiring animated character Dora the Explorer.

And even though she’s playing a character based on a famous cartoon Isabela feels like she’s realer than most female heroes you see on screen, telling The Hollywood Reporter:

"Whenever people think that a woman needs to be strong, they think that she has no emotions, is super serious, but Dora loves pink, she wears orange shorts, she loves dancing to Gloria Estefan, she's super girly. It's important to break up the stereotype that women have to act like men in order to be strong."

Dora and the Lost City of Gold is out August 9.

Photo: Getty Images