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Is Halsey Collaborating with Her Favorite Band of All Time?

For any artist that achieves success one of the biggest perks is getting to meet your music idols, but the real cherry on top is getting to collaborate with them.

And it looks like Halsey just got to experience that with one of, if not her favorite group, Bring Me the Horizon.

She’s been a hardcore fan of the emo band since she was a teenager, often tweeting about them as a total fan girl.

She just shared a video sweating it out in front of a home studio mic, emotionally and physically elated, ecstatic over what she just recorded.

She tagged Bring Me the Horizon’s lead singer Oli Sykes and keyboardist Jordan Fish, so it’s pretty much a surefire thing that collaboration is in the works.

The only question is where the song lands or possibly songs, as there’s rumors they have worked on more than one track.

Check out Halsey’s post below:

Photo: Getty Images