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Is a Huge Change Coming to Movie Theaters?

If you love going to the movies you may start to see a new trend when you pull out your wallet to buy your ticket.

Varying prices, different costs for each movie at the same theater.

According to The Hollywood Reporter it’s now an ongoing conversation in board rooms across Hollywood, which is obviously meeting some resistance, but the basic idea goes like this.

Should consumers pay the same high ticket price for a blockbuster like The Avengers that cost $250 million to produce and stars several A-listers as a small budget, independent comedy with unknown actors?

And while it might seem unfair to the smaller movies, the truth is most people are only hitting theaters these days for the big name popcorn flicks.

So it could benefit those smaller movies by convincing audiences to come see them if they’re spending quite a bit less.

So will it become a reality? We’ll have to wait and see, but it could start rolling out in theaters before the end of the year.

Photo: Getty Images