Sabrina Carpenter On Why Her Relationship With Her Fans Runs So Deep

In this day and age the relationship between an artist and their fans is closer than it’s ever been, largely thanks to social media.

But also because artists in pop music are allowing themselves to be more vulnerable in their songs and Sabrina Carpenter is a shining example of both cases.

Her music is an open book and her connection with her fans runs deep, and she couldn’t really imagine it any other way. She tells PopCrush:

"We're codependent in a sense. I mean, I couldn't tour if nobody came to the shows. The way that I think about music and when I'm releasing music, it's great that I can write songs that are for me, that they're supportive of. But then, a lot of these songs are for them. I want to support them and what they're going through — and let them know that we're going through it together at the same time."

Her brand new album Singular Act II is out now.

Photo: Getty Images