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How Pink Shut Down Her Haters with the Click of a Button

Pink’s fans love her for posting real world mom pics on her Instagram, often showing the reality of motherhood rather than a glitzed up Hollywood version.

But it’s also given the haters a platform to sound off and criticize her parenting style, so she made a switch.

Underneath a goofy shot of her husband Carey Hart floating on a raft in a pool with a glass of white wine in hand, she wrote:

"Just a friendly reminder to those of you that need it, there will be no more comments on this page! Hahahaha! Looks like you’re gonna have to go tell it on the mountain!!!!! Good luck to ya! And to everyone else; I love you forever."

And with that post she disabled comments on her page, but she did turn them on for one post, another picture of her husband celebrating his birthday the very next day, captioned with an incredibly positive message about how much he means to her.

So she allowed fans to celebrate him with her.

With her next post, a selfie, the comments were back off.

Photo: Getty Images