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Is Ariana Grande About to Drop Another Song?

Ariana Grande is known for releasing music at a feverish pace and it appears he has got another track on the way!

She posted a screen shot on her Instagram story of a song playing called "Got Her Own" by an unknown artist.

However, tagged her best friend Victoria Monet, one of her favorite producers Tommy Brown, the Charlie’s Angels movie, and Savan Kotecha, who Ariana is co-executive producing the Charlie’s Angel’s Soundtrack with.

It’s worth mentioning, that Ariana and Victoria performed an unreleased song called “She Got Her Own” on Ariana’s Sweetener Tour stop in Washington DC in March.

So, this is almost definitely that track, but it could be an entirely new one. Regardless, it seems all but confirmed it will be on the Charlie's Angels soundtrack.

Charlie's Angels hits theaters in November.

Photo: Getty