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'NSYNC's Lance Bass Was Moved by This Backstreet Boy's Words

In the golden age of boy bands, it was no secret that 'NSYNC and the Backstreet Boys weren’t exactly friends. In fact, they clearly disliked each other, but time heals all wounds.

The guys have grown up, and after 'NSYNC reunited without Justin Timberlake during Ariana Grande’s Coachella set one of the loudest voices who has been encouraging them to formally reunite minus Justin is Howie Dorough from BSB, who even wants a joint tour.

And it means a lot to 'NSYNC’s Lance Bass, who tells PopCrush:

"It really does take things to another level. It’s so sweet to hear them really supporting us and encouraging us to do it again. It’s hilarious that we were once rivals and now we’re all like, ‘Kumbaya’ and wanting to tour together!"

Lance also cautions fans about getting overly excited about the idea of a reunion, saying they are taking things slow, so it won’t happen anytime soon.

Photo: Getty Images