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You Won't Belive Who Lil Dicky Would Cast as Himself in a Biopic

Lil Dicky is quite a modern day Renaissance man. He is incredibly funny, a crazy talented MC, screenwriter, a summa cum laude college grad, and he can even act.

He's got a new sitcom produced by Kevin Hart coming to FX, where he will basically play himself.

But it may eventually come to pass that another actor will play him in maybe a television biopic or something.

So who would Lil Dicky cast as himself?

"Probably the kid in Stranger Things, who has like the curly hair. I Feel like I'd want to start the movie at that age," he says. "I'd want to show like 'Boyhood' where we follow him for like sixteen years and see how it develops."

He’s of course talking about Gaten Matarazzo, who plays Dustin, and that’s a movie I think we would all add to the cue.

Lil Dicky’s star studded track "Earth" is out now.