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Why Two Blink 182 Albums Are Sort of on the Way

While Blink 182 is currently working towards releasing their new album in the near future without former member, Tom DeLonge.

Tom is working on a new album with his current band Angels and Airwaves, which sounds like what he envisioned Blink would sound like today if had remained in the group.

"In many ways, what Angels is doing on this next record is kinda what my vision for where I wanted Blink to go in the future was," he tells NME. "I started Blink so I had a vision in my head for what it should be in the beginning and then where it should go. But I don’t own the band. I have partners and everyone’s voice was equal. It was like three guys trying to drive the car at the same time and that’s what made it great.”

Tom also says he and the other Blink guys are on great terms and is sure one day they will play together again.

Photo: Getty Images