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Sheryl Crow Reveals Just How Far Back She and Maren Morris Go

Maren Morris, like many singer songwriters, grew up idolizing Sheryl Crow. So you can imagine how it felt when she learned Sheryl was a fan of hers.

And this was before Maren blew up or was even signed.

Sheryl told the story to ET: "I met [Maren] in a very early point in her career. She was actually looking for a record label and I heard some of her songs and I was like, 'This girl is going to be around a long time."

Sheryl says Stevie Nicks also thinks just as highly of Maren, which is probably why they all teamed up for Sheryl’s new single.

"Prove you Wrong" featuring Stevie and Maren is out now.

Photo: Getty Images