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Meet the Real Woman Who Spent Her Childhood in the Same Home as 'Annabelle'

The third installment in the Annabelle horror franchise and seventh movie set in The Conjuring universe, Annabelle Comes Home, once again features demonologist couple Ed and Lorraine Warren.

The new movie is based on the legendary, real life husband and wife team, but this time around it’s their young daughter Judy who deals with Annabelle’s less-than-agreeable company.

And just like her parents and the doll, Judy is also quite real and has very unfond memories of growing up in the same home as Annabelle, even though the doll was locked up.

She says: "My father told me 'Never open the cabinet up.' I was afraid to be there. She’s supposed to be a girl’s cuddly toy, but she’s not. I became very frightened of it. My parents always told me 'Don’t give it recognition. Don’t look it in the eyes.' And to this day I will not look it in the eyes."

Annabelle Comes Home is out June 26th.

Photo: YouTube