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The Magical Way Halsey Recorded Her Vocals for 'Bad at Love'

A lot of Halsey’s fans say when they listen to her hit “Bad at Love” it’s almost like she is talking to them, not only in the lyrical content, but also how she sings it.

It turns out, that is because of how it was made.

She told the story to Billboard where its two producers Justin Tranter and Ricky Reed were almost annoyed at her.

The backing track was playing when she went into a corner and disappeared into her pen and pad. They thought she was distracted, until 20 minutes later.

She explains: "I got up and was like, 'OK, I got it.' And then I went in the booth and I said all four verses in succession, just kind of spit them off the top of my head. I think a lot of the takes are those first takes on that song, so it was this stream of consciousness, almost freestyle in a way, which is why I think it feels really conversational when you hear it."

Her new single “Nightmare” is out now.

Photo: Getty Images