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Why Gwen Stefani Thinks You Can't Compare a Vegas Residency to a Tour

A lof of people might imagine that catching a Las Vegas residency is exactly like seeing that artist on tour.

That outside of the travel, the ins and outs of the show are the same, but Gwen Stefani has done both and there’s some big advantages that come with doing the show in the same place every night.

"I think the show is great, because I have so many songs that everybody knows," she says. "I was able to put so much into the costumes and the production, because it's not like going on tour. It's like I just put it in storage down the street and then I bring it out when I come back. It's just like a boiled down version of my life on stage and it's just fun."

Tickets for Gwen’s Just a Girl residency at Planet Hollywood are on sale now.

Photo: Getty Images