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Why Benny Blanco Is the Aspiring Musician's Dream Producer

They story of how super producer Benny Blanco got his start is almost mythical at this point.

He went from being a 16 year old suburban Virginia kid to working with some of the hottest names in music seemingly overnight.

And even though he’s a massive star now, he tries to listen to a song whenever some eager artist approaches him begging him to, because of how his career actually began.

He tells the And the Writer Is podcast: "The main reason I listen to all those records is because that’s how I was discovered. Completely randomly. I listen to every single one, at least 10-15 records a day. It might be two weeks later that I was emailed it, but I will. Because who knows? They might be the next big thing."

"Eastside" with Halsey and Khalid is out now.

Photo: Getty Images