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The Beautiful Words Ariana Grande Had for Her Best Friend Victoria Monet

Every Arianator knows how important Victoria Monet is to Ariana Grande as a songwriter and as her best friend. They have a bond that not only comes before their professional relationship, but also strengthens their work together.

Victoria was chosen by Billboard as one of the most influential and successful songwriters of this era and Ariana obviously agrees.

"Victoria is a brilliant collaborator, musician, writer and just as brilliant of a friend. She is a very pure person and I think that’s why we connect the way we do," she tells the magazine. "It’s so rare to meet people in the industry that haven’t been tainted by it in some way or developed some kind of crazy ego. She is a timeless writer and vocalist and one of the nicest people I know and truly deserves the world. I’m so proud of the work we’ve done together and so excited to watch her grow as an artist."

Ariana and Victoria’s duet "Monopoly" is out now.

Photo: YouTube/Ariana Grande