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Why Martin Garrix Just Cancelled All His Upcoming Shows

One of the world’s biggest DJs who is known for getting crowds on their feet was forced to cancel all his upcoming shows, because he simply can’t get on his own feet.

Martin Garrix actually tore all the ligaments in his ankle during a gig over Memorial Day Weekend in Las Vegas and will need to undergo surgery to prevent permanent damage.

In a statement, Martin says: "I’m devastated that I have to cancel these shows since nothing makes me happier than performing for you guys. I feel most alive when I'm on stage, seeing you guys smile. I was really looking forward to it and I never want to disappoint my fans. Unfortunately this is out of my control and I will need a surgery and enough rest to fully recover. If I won’t get surgery now I might permanently damage my ankle, which could mean I won’t be able to perform at all anymore."

We wish Martin a speedy recovery.

Photo: Getty Images