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How Halsey's Songwriting Process Has Changed Over the Years

Halsey’s music has evolved quite a bit both sonically and lyrically since she first broke onto the scene.

Part of that comes from how her experience with making music has shifted with her success. She explained to Billboard:

"I'm definitely someone who writes words and lyrics first before I start getting into the melody and building the meat of the song, but as I started to grow and work with really talented producers, sometimes they would sit in the room and we would create a track and there would be certain sounds or certain beats that reminded me of certain things, and that would set me off and inspire me to write. So if I'm blocked and I can't think of words or I don't have a poem just sitting there, then I'll usually mess around with some sounds for a while until something sparks a mood or sparks an image that makes me figure out the sentiment of a record."

Halsey’s latest single "Nightmare" is out now.

Photo: Getty Images