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Who is Camila Cabello Working on New Music With?

Camila Cabello and Mark Ronson’s new computer-pop single "Find U Again" arrived today off of Mark’s upcoming album Late Night Feelings and it looks like Camila might have another song in the works produced by the other half of Mark’s super duo group Silk City, Diplo.

Diplo shared a super quick clip of Camila on his Instagram Stories where she is seated with a computer on her lap singing into of a studio mic.

What they are working on can’t be determined by the video, but Diplo’s very next Story less than an hour later is a beach selfie with fellow hit maker benny blanco and Watt, the exceptionally talented guitarist and songwriter behind countless hits including "Havana."

So there’s a very good chance they’re all working on Camila’s upcoming album.

Regardless, Camila and Mark Ronson’s "Find U Again" is out today.

Photo: Getty Images