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How Emilia Clarke's Celeb Crush Made Her Realize She'd Made It in Hollywood

Emilia Clarke just ended her run on literally one of the most popular shows the world has ever seen, Game of Thrones, when its finale aired on the 19th.

So, it’s safe to say she’s made it and her star meter is only rising.

What’s harder to define is the exact moment when a star realizes they have made it, but Emilia has a pretty good idea and it’s thanks to her celebrity crush.

She told the story during a recent Hollywood Reporter Roundtable.

"I was at a gala event where I'd been asked to auction something, so I was like, 'I don't know, come watch your favorite [Game of Thrones] episode with me and we'll eat a horse's heart or something.' I don't think about what it is until I get there and then I'm sitting in a room with, like, every celebrity on the planet. And I thought it would be a private thing where they wouldn't say [the item] out loud, but then I have to stand up and it turns into a thing. The room goes completely silent and I'm going to die and then one of my friends puts his paddle up. Suddenly, some other people start to put their paddles up and one of those people was Brad Pitt."

"My friend ultimately won, go figure. I was like, 'You can stop [bidding] now,'" she added.

Emilia can next be seen in the upcoming film Above Suspicion.